Krymsky Bridge


The bridge is situated between Crimea’s city of Kerch and the village of Taman in the Temryuk District of the Krasnodar Region, along Tuzla Island and the Tuzla Spit.

  • Our crossing consists of two parallel bridges – a motorway bridge and railroad bridge;
  • The decks for the highway are beam composite reinforced concrete, simple and continuous ones of individual design;
  • Steel decks with an orthotropic plate are located above the water area of the Kerch Strait. The design span is from 54.21 m to 64.20 m;
  • There will be a separate deck for each traffic direction. In the crosssection, two main I-beams create the span: they are connected via transversal beams and the system of vertical and horizontal braces;
  • The decks for the railway tracks are simple, made of solid metal with an orthotropic plate and a ballast bed;
  • The design span is from 54.6m to 62.56 m;
  • The decks are separate, one for each railway track and connected on the piers with jacking beams;
  • The main box-section girders of the deck are divided into two segments horizontally;
  • Arch spans with a design span of 227 m are located over the Kerch-Yenikalsky Channel and provide a clearance of 185 m x 35 m;
  • category of railway track – II;
  • category of motor road – 1B;
  • designed length of the crossing – 19,000 m;
  • length of the motorway bridge – 16,857.28 m;
  • length of the railroad bridge – 18,118.05 m.
  • general design;
  • design of main structures (design documentation and working documentation);
  • design of construction technology;
  • SAC&D(design documentation and working documentation).

Taman Road Department, federal state enterprise




Project Documentation: 2015

Working Documentation: 2015 – 2018


2015 – 2019