The company was created from the Design Group of «Mostotrest №6»in USSR in Leningrad in 1945

1968 -1985 Design Group was transformed into «Leningrad Special Design Department Bureau of Glavmoststroy». By this time we had already 400 bridges in service in Northern part of Soviet Union such as: Leningrad Region, Murmansk Region, Archangelsk Region, Novgorod Region and Pskov Region. 1986 – 1999 In 1986 «Leningrad Special Design Department Bureau of Glavmoststroy» became Government Company «Institute Giprostroymost». In 1994 Government Company «Institute Giprostroymost» was transformed to Joint Stock Company «Institute Giprostroymost». Our company was its Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg) department. By this period we developed more than 200 project in Russian Federation, carried out the design and supervision of construction bridge in Hien Liong Vietnam, as well as 6 bridges in Finland, design of objects on Moscow ring road and Third Moscow Ring Road, design of Volokolamskoe Road Interchange in Moscow. Read more… ___________________________________________________________________________________