Underground parking lot of multilevel dwelling-house, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Address: Pilutova St., Lot 5, Saint-Petersburg, RF

Project description:

Fulfilled underground parking lot of multilevel dwelling-house is a single storey building being installed under the yard of the above house premises.

New structure was designed as a solid RC building composed of the following:

  • concrete slab of 400mm;
  • columns of concrete 500 x 500mm within distance of 17,000х7,500mm;
  • -walls with a thickness of 300 and 500mm;

Slab structure:

For the above plate stressing performance K7 strands of 7-wires were applied. Non-stressed rebar A500C presented in accordance with GOST 52544-2006.

‘DYWIDAG-SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL’ anchors were fulfilled for the entire stressing operation.

Work on the Project:

  • initial paperwork
  • design documentation
  • work documentation
  • technical supervision


OOO ‘SPb Renovation’

General Designer:

OOO ‘T-Architects’

Design Stage:

2012 – 2013

Construction Stage:

2014 – 2015