Tuchkov Bridge in Saint-Petersburg



Tuchkov Bridge – three-span draw bridge over the Malaya Neva River connecting Bolshoy Prospect of the Petrograd Side with the Cadet line and the First line of Vasilievsky Island in Saint-Petersburg.

The bridge reconstruction project provides for replacement of fixed superstructures, reconstruction of the existing draw span, replacement of the equipment of the draw span piers and repair of pier structures with arrangement of niches for resting of fixed superstructures on the abutment piers.

  • bridge length — 231.6 m
  • bridge width — 35.5 m

Based on the static scheme, the fixed superstructure represents a beam with a design span of 75.0m, which is rigidly restrained in the river bed pier and which is hingedly and movably resting on the abutment pier.

Installation of the superstructure is being carried out by means of cantilever erection from the river bed piers with a stage-by-stage concreting of the carriageway slab and tensioning of the high-tensile reinforcement after each stage of concreting.

Cleaning and repairing of the external surfaces of the piers and granite facing with replacement of damaged slabs or missing slabs are being performed as part of reconstruction.

Partial dismantling of the top of the wall with subsequent installation of the head with the use of cast reinforced concrete and arrangement of the bridge seats is being carried out during reconstruction of the abutment piers. Connection with the embankment is being fulfilled with the use of cast reinforced concrete approach slabs of the length of 6m.

Repairing and cleaning of the external surfaces of the granite facing with replacement of damaged slabs are being fulfilled.

Sidewalks of the width 2.75 m, located at a higher level relative to the roadway, are provided for on the bridge in both directions.

  • development of bridge reconstruction project

Development of the following project sections:

  • road works
  • outdoor electric lighting
  • general improvement and landscaping
  • development of Construction Method Statement
  • development of SAC&D
  • summary cost of Construction and Installation Works
  • organization of traffic for the period of reconstruction

Saint-Petersburg State-Owned Enterprise ‘Directorate of Transport Construction’


May 2011 – December 2014


2015 – 2016