Speed Highway along the DAM of Saint-Petersburg by Bronka Railway Station


Second stage of speed Ring-Road ‘KAD’ construction around the city of Saint-Petersburg composed of DAM structures D1-D3, including navigation passage C-1 with main features as follows:

  • lanes quantity – 6pcs.
  • basic schema: 3х3.75 m+3.00m+3х3.75 m
  • total length of motorway – 8km comprised of bridges over fairway and culverts В1 & В2, within Ring-Road plus viaducts and transportation interchanges exits

Speed highway

Along the DAM D-1 structure of Saint-Petersburg Ring Road

Motorway ‘КAD’

Within section of  PK0-PK8+46.30 together with piled foundation arrangement scope of works

Krasnoflotskoe Highway

Highway has been reconstructed with new drainage system arrangement including the set of reinforced retaining walls construction with 6-12 m height

Road Exits

Composed of the set of retaining walls of 14 m within the distance of 860 m long

Engineering Structures

С1, С2, С3, С4 and С5

Completed as bridge crossing structures with comfortable and convenient transportation exits to Saint-Petersburg Ring Road ‘KAD’ including retaining walls arrangement

Krasnoflotskoe Shosse

navigation passage С1 with ‘KAD’ intersection

navigation passages С2, С3, С4, С5 with railroad in-service intersection

navigation passages  С1, С2 – fulfilled via straight RC deck girders

navigation passages  С3, С4, С5 – fulfilled via curved form RC deck girders (span length from 25 up to 54 m) with 2.1 m height

navigation passage С2 with schema (18+33+12+33)m, being completed with angle of 67° to the main railroad track

navigation passages  С2, С3 – for one-way two-lane traffic

navigation passages  С4, С5 – for one-way one-lane traffic with service passages per 0.75m

exits 1, 2, 3 with retaining walls per 212m, 122m and 88 m


‘Design Documentation’ Stage

  • general design
  • initial data collection and in-service engineering structures survey
  • design and approval of architectural solutions
  • roadway design
  • illumination design
  • power supply fulfillment
  • drainage design
  • sewage design
  • waste-disposal plant design
  • design of noise protection facilities
  • existing utilities rearrangement design
  • landscaping design
  • Federal Expertise passing

Authority of DAM Complex of Ministry of Regional Development


‘DSK’ Ltd


2008 – 2009


2008 – 2011