Residential House Défense

Address : 35B /4 Yuri Gagarin avenue, Saint Petersburg, RF

Project description:
  • nine-storey residential house
  • underground garage
  • open-air parking lots
  • utility rooms.
What makes it unique:

The building is being designed in the U- form shape with spandrel within 15-16 storey and 17 -18 storey.

Technical features:
  • spandrel length is 6 m and width of 12 m;
  • low level of spandrel is on 17 storey (mark +52. 2m) and top level is the roof. Spandrel is being design as a residential structure.
Work on the Project:

Stage WD:

  • design of RC and steel structures of including:
  • static analysis;
  • structural solutions;
  • support joints of steel structures.

ООО Remark

General Designer:

ООО Remark

Design Stage:

2020 —  2021

Construction Stage:

2019 — 2022