Reconstruction and renovation of Historical building of Mariinsky Theatre, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation


The work of art symphony of the famous Mariinsky Theater is being crowned the city center as a historical and cultural landmark of all over the world. Construction performance was carried out within almost hundred years via several stages started back from the middle of XIX century.

Specific feature of Mariinsky Theater is the complex of quite a few buildings meanwhile, the ‘core of composition’ is well-known stage plus the auditorium. During various periods of time additional utility structures were completed for the main building. Segments of the entire theater have different construction schemas. Permanent outlook of historical structure, rigidity and reliability are being ensured via the system of longitudinal with transversal sets of walls with a function of firm diaphragms and disks.

Regarding the construction fulfillment, Mariinsky Theater is the building of antique brick walls of 530mm up to 1,200mm thickness. Load bearing structures above the stage were arranged via steel-wooden trusses of 32 meters long.

The above bearing structures were designated for lodges and for the third level of amphitheater. Auditorium was conceived via five comfortable levels for spectators. During reconstruction performance old timber load bearing girders per lodges were preserved. By the end of XIX century third level of lodges was replaced by amphitheater. Historic structure was envisaged as massive segments of continuous footing of chipped limestone. Slippers for the foundation were placed at depth of minus 0.3m (Baltic System of Heights).

Technical and economical features

  • construction area – 8,150m2
  • volume of building – 201,400m³
  • total area – 30,590m2
  • levels quantity – 3-9
  • project-specific technical specifications development and approval
  • technical supervision and consulting

Construction Design Investment Fund of Saint Petersburg


Setec Batiment, France


February — April 2016