Rail Road Tunnel from Mainland to Sakhalin Island

In 2001 Institute Giprostroymost Saint-Petersburg designed tunnel construction from mainland to Sakhalin Island under Nevelskogo Straight.

Construction of tunnel was designed by section lowering, the same method, which was completed under Saint-Petersburg Fairway to Kanonerskiy Island back in 1983. Total length of Ujniy Tunnel considered 8,360 m long. Segments lowering planned to be fulfilled within area of 2,900m (29 segments per 100 m long).  Total length of Noviy Tunnel considered 8,290 m long. Segments lowering planned to be conducted within area of 5,200m (52 segments per 100 m long). Each segment has the following sizes 13.3m x 10.3m x 100m. Tunnel is being constructed as a unilateral structure. The works are being performed in severe climate conditions in the area of poor infrastructure.

The climate presented by long rigorous winters and short cold summers. Average navigation period is 173 days. Usually starts from 25th of April up to 15th of November. Channel depth within area of construction is 25m. The region is poorly populated, has only few villages and number of abandoned towns.

Lack of enterprises in premises of construction site and absence of rail roads for delivery makes difficult work conditions. Accessible motorways are in pitiable conditions with insufficient carrying capacity. Existing sea port Lazarevo should be completely modified for construction site purposes. Total infrastructure, required for tunnel construction should be arranged by starting from the scratch.

Number of segments to install per year (construction season)

  • Ujniy Tunnel – 10 pcs
  • Noviy Tunnel – 13 pcs

Based on initial circumstances there are two options of segments assembling:

  • within dry dock in local port area
  • Northern Shipyard of Harbor Sovetskaya