Motorway Р-152 Shopsha-Ivanovo-Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhnygorodskaya Oblast

Project description:

New site is located within Nizhnygorodskaya Oblast, Balohninski District, detour of Balahni and Zavolzhy cities. Our road should pass over the Hydrograph Settlement, Istomino Village with link to Galkiono Highway.

 Site is composed of:

  • total length of the motorway 24.616 km;
  • flyover on transportation interchange  N1 (initial point);
  • flyover on PК 89+96.30;
  • flyover on PК 119+10,12 (Hydrograph Gardens);
  • viaduct over the Tioplaya River;
  • viaduct over the Tretyakovka River;
  • flyover within transportation interchange  N3 PК 185+18.38;
  • bridge over the Chernaya River.

Technical features:

  • designated speed – 120 km/h
  • bridge schema —  2(Г-11.5+2х0.75)
  • turnpikes -3 pcs.

Work on the Project:

  • general design
  • engineering survey
  • DD development


Federal Enterprise Head Department of Motorways

General Designer:

SC Institute Giprostroymost Saint Petersburg

Design Stage:

2019 – 2020

Construction Stage:

2021 – 2024