Project description:

Construction and reconstruction of Motorway A-289 Krasnodar – Slavyansk – Temryuk – Motorway A-290  Novorossiysk – Kerch  is composed of the old road renovation within area of Marianskaya Station up to link of M-4 Don with new detour of Krasnodar City to A-289 and next to new direction toward South around settlements up to transportation interchanges of Beliy Village of the road А-290 Novorossiysk – Kerch.

Our motorway should be completed with curves of large diameters with optimal slopes design plus vertical curves within areas of sophisticated roadway profile to ensure comfortable driving of motorists and smooth intersections with existing roads on various levels.

Two stages of construction:

  •  length of reconstruction lot – 4.625 km
  •  length of new construction  – 114,552 km
  •  total motorway length – 119,177 km

Sites of road construction:

  • Artificial structures including bridge crossings, flyovers and pedestrian crossings – 56 pcs.
  • soundproof screens – 3 km

Work on the Project:

  • general design
  • set of design and survey works
    • engineering and geodetic survey
    • engineering and geological survey
    • engineering and hydro-meteorological survey
    • environment survey
    • removal of explosive materials
    • archeological and cultural survey
    • intersections survey
    • buildings and structures survey within designated lot
    • documentation preparation
  • documentation design and issue
  • construction site technical supervision


Federal Road Administration Taman

General Contractor:

ООО  Transstroymechanizasiya

General Designer:

SC Institute Giprostroymost Saint-Petersburg

Design Period:


Construction Period: