Site description:

Latitudinal Speedy Highway of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast should be placed along the Northern part of city Ring Road within Moscow, Frunzensky, Nevsky and Krasnoselsky Districts of Metropolis, to be started from transportation interchange of Vitebsky Railroad up to Sousny Prospect of Ladoga Railway Station along further rail roads through Nevsky with Krasnogvardeysky Districts up to the administrative  city border and next along Leningrad Oblast till KAD Ring-Road of our  became known as “Northern Capital” till Murmansk Motorway.

Construction stages:

Construction Stage N2

Roadway section from PK 25+85.975 of  right direction and PK 25+70.075 left direction  up to PK44+47.09.

Total length of right direction is 1,861.115 m with left direction of 1,877.015 m.

Designated for construction:

  • transportation interchange over Vitebskiy Prospect together with rail roads;
  • transportation interchange over Sophiyskaya Street and further Salova Street;
  • reconstruction of the part of Progonnaya Street.

Construction Stage N3

Roadway section from PK 44+47.09 till the right direction of PK 66+52.05 up to the left direction of PK 56+00. The entire length of the right direction is – 2,204.96 m with the left one of 1,152.91 m.

Designated for construction:

  • transportation interchange on Sophiyskaya and Salova Streets;
  • transportation interchange on Gluchoozernoe Shosse and Vtoroy Luch Street.

Construction Stage N4

Roadway section from PK66 +52.05 of  the right direction start from PK 5 6+00 of the left direction up to PK 139+46.74 and further up to PK 139+46.74 till PK 166+00. The entire length of the right direction is 7,294.69 m plus the left one of 8,346.74 m, further form PK139+46.74 till PK 166+00 are 2,653.26 m.

Designated for construction:

  • junction on Gluchoozernoe Shosse
  • bridge crossing over the Neva River
  • junction on Souzniy Prospect
  • junction on Communi Street
  • junction on the KAD -Ring Road

Technical features:

  • total length of the site – about 14 km
  • bridge spans – composite RC
  • bridge width – 3 lanes per each direction.

Work on the Project:

Project documentation Stage:

  • general design
  • development of DD
  • main structures design
  • technology development
  • SAC&D development with construction design
  • cost estimation documentation
  • participation in design State Expertise



Design stage:

2019 — 2021