Indoor velodrome in the city of Samara

Location of the facility — the city of Samara.The velodrome is faced by its main entry part to the park area and to the nearby stadium being designed, which provides maximum accessibility to all complex facilities for spectators.


Contemporary architectural and cutting edge concepts which meet functional and aesthetic requirements are used in the project. Outstanding structure created as an elongated oval, which reminds a bicycle saddle with a bird’s-eye view. The building features accomplished as a science-fiction helmet. Sophisticated glass facade conceived as a main entrance for cycling fans. Tremendous protruding canopy crowned as an extension of the roof covers the transparent structures of the entrance and protect visitors of the complex from rough weather. The smooth shapes of the building duplicate the curves of the velodrome, located in the very centre of the composition, surrounded by rows of service structures. The cycle race track designated per  800 spectators with a direct connection toward entire functional areas within two vertical levels. On the ground and first floors by the side of the main entrance, for convenience of visitors utility areas were designated, such as lobby, cloakroom, snack bar, lavatories, followed by premises of sports and training purpose with multifunctional playing court, gym, and auxiliary rooms for athletes. 

The project provides for all conditions to ensure comfort and safety of spectators with disabilities, such as spaces for wheelchairs with good visibility, ramps, and specially equipped lavatories. Foundations are cast reinforced concrete slab on pile foundation. Load-bearing frame of the building is a composite frame with a basic spacing of grid lines of 6m. The columns of the frame are monolithic, reinforced concrete. The dome of the building is a system of through trusses with main steel bearing elements or an arched structure with elevated ties. Floor slabs are cast-in-place and precast, reinforced concrete. Stairs are cast-in-place and precast, reinforced concrete.

  • Tribune capacity –  800 persons
  • Site area — 40.916 m²
  • Build-up area  –  11.468 m²
  • Total area of building – 15.304 m²
  • General design of the velodrome complex except for outdoor engineering utilities and cost estimating documentation
  • Development of design and working documentation
  • Development of construction method statement and special purpose auxiliary facilities and equipment
  • Performing calculations



2013 — 2014


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