Football Stadium «Spartak» in Moscow, Russia


Multiple competitions
67 Volokolamskoye shosse, Moscow

Stadium was considered by 2010 for the most famous football team in Russia – «Spartak» (since 1935). Carrying capacity of structure designed to be 42 000 guests.
That will be own stadium of legendary team with individual design. Structure fulfilled in accordance with requirements for championship of FIFA & UEFA, which played key role for victory of Russia in challenge for reception of Football Championship 2018. General Design was granted to AECOM.
Basic features:

  • design is completed in compliance with requirements of FIFA & UEFA
  • pylons conceived the way it presents great view on the field and not obstacle the eyesight from any place
  • distance within players and fans deducted via absence of any cycle track around the field, which helps to create exiting ambiance for fans
  • design was fulfilled const effective way with accent on severe climatic features of Moscow City plus outstanding elegance
  • staircases plus elevators to upper arenas makes desirable convenience and comfort for spectators
  • vast areas for promenade with cafeterias, snack bars with toilets all over high level of security plus access for handicapped people is being provided
  • comfortable spaces, separated from public areas is being equipped for media as well
  • offices for VIP and staff with cloakrooms for players
  • cozy and spacious VIP area of exclusive design
  • artificial field cover easily can be changed for natural one for football competitions
  • design of basic structures
  • design of football field cover
  • design and agreement of required steel to be applied in compliance with EN
  • calculations of carrying capacity of roof and steel
  • structures via Midas & Scad software with a help of modeling
  • technical supervision

Stadium Startak Ltd


2011 – 2013