Football stadium in western part of Krestovsky island in Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Football competitions
Saint-Petersburg, Krestovskiy Island, Ujnaya Doroga, 25. Stadium is being constructed for football club «Zenith». Construction cite is located within western part of
Krestovskiy Island of Saint-Petersburg.

Design was rewarded to Japanese architect. Kise Kurokava. Constructional decision was fulfilled according to world modern requirements and
tendencies relating sports centers. Changes and alternations to previous design was the mater of victory of Russia in contest for reception of Football Championship 2018. Based on requirements for championship of FIFA & UEFA, carrying capacity of stadium was raised from 62 thousand up to 69 thousand fans, which satisfied necessities for semifinal games. We believe that by the completion of construction period our stadium should be the most advanced and gorgeous structure in Europe. Adjustable roof of 286m of diameter supported by eight pylons, plus movable football field design should be stunning landmark for Krestovskiy Island.
Zenith Stadium basic technical and economical features:

  • carrying capacity – 6 9501 fans
  • structure height – 56.6m
  • number of stories – 7 pcs
  • elevators number – 4 pcs
  • total area of interior structures – 262 000 sq. m
  • football field area – 9 840 sq. m
  • weight of movable field – 11 400 t

Sophisticated steel roof designed as a supporting truss structure, round in cross-section and in profile presented as a concave-convex lens with football field in center part. So called “carriageway trusses” designed to be assembled above the football field for required movement of roof elements for the purpose of either open or close the roof structure. Lens formed stationary roof (plus movable roof above it) supported by eight inclined reinforced concrete pylons together with stay cable system of dome.

  • Total diameter of unique structure is 295.7 m
  • Material – local rolled steel.
  • design correction
  • different kind of analysis
  • detailed design of roof structure (stationary and movable parts)
  • design of bridge-stand structures over playing field (sector G)
  • design of SAS&D
  • computer analysis of roof structure (stationary part)
  • monitoring of roof structure (stationary part) in service

City Authority of Saint Petersburg

General Designer:

«Mostproekt – 4»


«Transstroy Ltd»


2008 – 2016