Embankment by 62 Army of river Volga in Volgograd

Design area in being located on the Volga River bank and it takes the most central point of panorama when one approach by river boat, follow the famous Viking Route.
Keystone idea of the project is to preserve maximum existing landscape of structures and to complete the rest of the embankment part in accordance of design of architect T. Sadovskiy. Historical city regulations back to 1952 requires structures height no more than 7m from the ground level, so amphitheater and pavilions should match the abovementioned city rules.

  • The total length of the embankment being improved – 2 km
  • ŽThe total area of the territory being improved — 18.9 ha
  • ŽFront area near the central stairs — 3.6 ha
  • Parkings of private vehicles — 0.5 ha
  • River boat station area — 2.9 ha
  • Entertaining area — 0.9 hectares
  • Memorial area — 1.3 ha
  • Entertainment area — 0.3 ha
  • Active rest area — 0.7 ha
  • Promenade (park) area — 4.1 ha
  • Promenade (coastal) area — 4.6 ha

The complex includes the amphitheater with a seating capacity
of 2,000 seats with the following technical and economic indices:

  • building volume (with the pedestrian bridge) – 51,000 m³
  • built-up area (with the pedestrian bridge) – 5570 m²
  • area of closed rooms of the ground floor (with exhibition halls) — 2090 m²
  • Žarea of open rooms (without stairs and pedestrian bridge) — 3796 m²
  • Žbuilding height — 7.0 m