Bridge over the Volkhov River, M-18 ‘Kola’ Highway


Projects regarding reconstruction of irreparable bridges (construction and reconstruction of bridges and overpasses), ‘Reconstruction of the bridge over the Volkhov River at km 122+085 of M-18 ‘Kola’ motor road from Saint-Petersburg through Petrozavodsk, Murmansk, Pechenga to Norway border (‘Borisoglebsk’ International Automobile Border-Crossing Point), Leningrad Region.» The purpose of reconstruction is to fulfill modern operational requirements both in navigation (to ensure an underbridge navigable clearance of 13.5 x 120m in accordance with the specifications of ‘Volgobalt’ State-Financed Shipping Entity), and the demands regarding vehicle pass improvement together with perspective traffic increase. Construction of this comfortable bridge was fulfilled along the new axis with the exception of long-term closure of busy traffic jam along the carriageway and rearrangement of fairway axis in accordance with the requirement of ‘Volgobalt’ State-Financed Shipping Entity.


Bridge across the Volkhov River

  • schema: 63+84+126+84+2х48+39+54+39 m
  • box-girder composite reinforced concrete continuous superstructure of special design
  • length – 596.9 m
  • width – 29 m
  • underbridge clearance 120х5 m²
  • number of traffic lanes — 4
  • total area – 2х8,655.05 m²

Traffic interchange at the intersection of M18 ‘Kola’ Highway and A114 motorway located at the section Issad – Berezie Settlements on the river-bank
Flyover with exit to A114 Highway

  • composite reinforced concrete continuous span
  • schema: 27+36+27
  • length – 95.45 m
  • width – 9.5 m
  • total area – 1,346.6 m²

Traffic interchange at the intersection of M18 ‘Kola’ Highway and A115 Motorway

Section between the town of Novaya Ladoga and Staraya Ladoga town on the left bank:

Overpass placed by A115 Highway

  • schema: 33+42+37.5+31.35 m
  • flyover length — 143.85 m
  • box-girder composite reinforced concrete continuous superstructure of customized design
  • width — max. 16.5 m
  • total area — 2,429.1m2
  • length of retaining walls — 403.2 m

Road works:

  • total length of ‘Kola’ Federal Highway reconstructed section — 1,832 m
  • carriageway area – 67,060 m²
  • landscaping total area – 88,660 m²

‘Design Documentation’ Stage

  • general design
  • all basic structures design
  • design of roads and traffic interchanges
  • construction method statement
  • work performance procedure
  • design of lighting and electricity
  • landscaping design
  • passing of Federal Expertise

‘Sevzapupravtodor’ Federal State Institution

(‘North-West Federal Highway Administration’)


2007 — 2008


2009 – 2016