Bridge over the Volkhov River in Veliky Novgorod


Motorway road ‘Veliky Novgorod – Khutin’ up to Highway ‘Veliky Novgorod – Luga’ with bridge crossing over the Volkhov River.


Motorway located on intersection of streets, lanes as well as with flyovers plus junctions by Volkhkov River and Donets Creek

Transportation interchange No.1

The junction is designed on intersection of Sirkovskoe Shosse with transportation round about and Sirkovskoe Shosse Viaduct

Transportation interchange No.2

Structure is fulfilled on intersection of Energetikov Lane with passage arrangement under the flyover

Transportation interchange No.3

Junction is placed on busy intersection of Rabochaya Street

Transportation interchange No.4 with curved exits

Site is designed on intersection of Bolshaya Sankt-Petersburgskaya Street with cozy transportation exits arrangement

Bridge over the Volkhov River

Basic features:

  • bridge schema: 42+6х63+84+99+84+63+84+63 m
  • total length – 904 m
  • carriageway width – 29.0 m
  • 2 lanes per each direction with width — 4m and 3.5 m
  • 4 one way barriers having width per 0.5 m
  • dividing lane width – 2.0 m
  • 2 pedestrian lanes with width per – 3 m
  • clearance — 2хГ – 9.5+2х3.0 m
  • pier 13 is arranged via customized staircases
  • decks – composite RC continuous girders
  • total RC volume– 33,306 m³
  • total steel weight – 6,779t

Navigation span of 9m height and 90m width in accordance with Technical Specifications of ‘Volgo-Balt Shipping Company’

Right Bank Viaduct

Junction No.5

Located within intersection of Soviet Army Street

Junction No.6

Placed within intersection of Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street (PK-61) on the right river bank. The above viaduct crosses the highway with arranged comfortable exits for motorists. Single span reinforced concrete bridge crossing over the Donets Creek.

Junction No.7

One-level structure within Khutin Motorway (PK-78)

Junction No.8

Located within intersection of Derzhavina Street with arranged cycling lanes and pedestrian lanes (PK 55 + 35.78) plus comfortable elevators for handicapped people


‘Design Documentation’ Stage

  • general design
  • design of main structures
  • roadway design
  • development of architectural conception
  • illumination design
  • SAS&D and construction MS design
  • technical supervision
  • Federal Expertise passing

JSC ‘Novgorogavtodor’


2009 — 2010


2009 — 2014