Bridge over the Iset River with transport and pedestrian approaches in the town of Kamensk-Uralsky


The facility is located in the town of Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk Region, on the Iset River. Kamensk-Ural is a city of regional subordination in the Sverdlovsk Region and is the administrative center of ‘the town of Kamensk-Ural’ municipality. The area of designing is a habitable territory with
a well-developed network of motor roads. The bridge is on the straight line in plan. In profile, the bridge is located on the straight line with a longitudinal
slope of 5%. The levels of the bridge carriageway axis are dictated by the longitudinal profile of the motor road being designed. The clear headway
of bridge structures is taken in accordance with the category of the projected motor road: through street of citywide importance with controlled traffic.
The overpass is illuminated at night.

  • bridge diagram: 78+2 х 96+78
  • bridge length: 362.7 m
  • limiting dimension: 2 (Г-11.5) m

Cross sections:
In cross direction, the superstructure consists of five main beams of l-shaped cross-section with vertical webs of a constant height of 3600 mm, connected with cross beams and a monolithic reinforced concrete slab on the top. Longitudinal and cross ties of a lattice structure are additionally installed for the period of installation of steel structures of the superstructure and concreting of the carriageway slab. The distance between the main beams is 5100 mm.
ŽŽtotal weight of steel: 2127 tonnes ŽŽtotal volume of reinforced concrete: 4754 m³

  • general design
  • design of main structures
  • design of technology of construction
  • design of SAS&D

Municipal Budgetary Institution
«Department of Capital Construction»
Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk Region


SC ‘Institute Giprostroymost—Saint-Petersburg’


2012 – 2013