Bridge over Ishym river in Astana


City bridge over the Ishim River with 8 traffic lanes.
Clear roadway of bridge – Г (0.5 x 3 +4.5 +2.0 +4 x3.5 +0.5) + two sidewalks of 3 m each.
Over-water length of the bridge is overspanned by an arch span with a design span of 151.2 m. This arch structure is a combined system without horizontal thrust with a roadway on bottom boom – a flexible curve with a rigid tie. The camber of arch is 30 m.
The arch is combined with the roadway by means of a flexible suspension system, where the suspension system consists of two planes in each arch. The bridge is a doubled arch in its cross-section and consists of two arches inclined to the vertical at an angle of about 30°.
Inclined arches are combined with each other by means of rigid spacers in order to provide for plane stability. Those arches support the steel-reinforced concrete roadway by means of hangers. The height of binding beams is 3 m. The hangers are cable-stayed elements consisting of 12 strands

  • diagram of the over-water length of the bridge – 35.5+150.0+31.9 m
  • bridge roadway width — 32.8 m
  • total weight of metal — 2,448 t
  • total volume of roadway reinforced concrete slab — 1,340 m³
  • weight of cables — 16 t
  • ‘Maurer Sohne’ bearing members with a loading capacity of 2,900 t
  • development of architectural solutions
  • structural design of superstructure
  • design of construction technology
  • SAC&D
  • preoperational inspection and tests
  • field supervision

NPO ‘Mostovik’ LLC


2004 – 2005


2004 – 2006