Archway pedestrian crossing, Moscow

Project description:

New pedestrian crossing is located on 30 Ostashkovskaya Street.

The structure has U-shape form with set of staircases along the street due to constrain status quo of the district.

Lifts for handicaps are being arranged along both sides of the street together with ramps with banisters for strollers.

In case of nasty weather, the roof with outside glazing is being designed for the entire structure of pedestrian crossing.

Glazed structure should be placed on 150 mm out of pedestrian crossing to ensure proper ventilation performance along the entire roof ridge.

Technical features:
  • total length – 36.0 m;
  • material –RC with steel welded truss;
  • width of pedestrian walk – 3.0 m;
  • width of staircases – 3.35 m;
  • width of ramp for strollers – 1.0 m;
  • glazing – solid polycarbonate of 10 mm thickness;
  • roof – opaque polycarbonate of 15 mm thickness.
Work on the Project:

Stage: DD, WD

  • General Design
Client :

Department of Roads and Bridges Construction, Moscow

Design Stage:

2019 — 2020

Construction Stage:

2020 -2022