Construction Stage IV

Project description:

The beginning of the 4th Launch Complex of the Central Moscow Ring Road (CMRR) corresponds to the end of the 3rd Launch Complex which is located at the intersection of the CMRR with the M-7 Volga Highway. Then the road crosses the Nosovikhinskoe, Yegoryevskoe, Ryazan Highway, the M-5 Ural Highway and ends at the intersection with the M-4 Don.

CMRR -4 passes through the territory of 5 municipalities of the Moscow Region — Noginsky Municipal District, Pavlovo-Posadsky Municipal District, Elektrostal City District, Ramensky Municipal District, Voskresensky District, Domodedovo City District.

Technical-economical features:

  • road class — I-А
  • type of construction — new
  • designated speed — 150 km/h
  • total length — 96, 846 km
  • lanes quantity — 4 pcs
  • width of lane — 3.75 m
  • width of emergency lane — 3.75 m
  • road median width— 6 m
  • number of junctions — 6 pcs
  • bridge structures quantity — 71 pcs

designated loads
— per road pavement — АК-11.5
— for artificial structures — А14, Н14

 Work on the Project:

  • DD analysis and optimization
  • development of DD
  • WD development & issue
  • Design of Bridge Health Monitoring System

General Contractor:

OOO Concession and construction company 1


ООО  South -East Magistral


State Company Russian Motorways

Design stage:

2019 -2020

Construction stage: