Detailed Design of the Neva River Twin Cable-Stayed Bridge

The article was presented at 5 Symposium BRÜCKENBAU in Leipzig, Germany (February 2005)

Saint-Petersburg is the biggest transportation centre in the North-West of Russia and definitely one of the largest cities in Europe without a ring road. As for now, all transit traffic flows through the streets, which are now exceeding original design capacity. The construction of the abovementioned Ring Road started in 2001 for the purpose of ecology improvement and preservation of St. Petersburg`s historical city centre.

Our Cable-Stayed Bridge was designed as a section of the St. Petersburg Ring Road which was to cross the Neva River, the main navigation route of the city. The Neva River Cable-Stayed Bridge is a large twin bridge structure currently under construction. The 1st bridge was completed in November 2004. The opening of the 2nd one is scheduled for 2009. After completion, the structure will permanently have 2×4 lines for the traffic over the river, unlike the other Neva River bascule bridges which every night from April to November split the city into parts allowing ships to pass.

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Igor Kolyshev